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Bad Boy


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Bad Boy Stitch Premium Power Gauze (2 x pack).

The Ultimate in Cornerman Supplies!
Developed for the demands of the amateur and professional
boxer, these new Stitch Premium Power Gauze hand wraps are the result of
BAD BOY and Jacob “Stitch” Duran’s collaboration.
We have created the Boxing Power Gauze to wrap hands both in competition or
sparring training, offering fantastic comfort and contouring.
The Poly-cotton material has perfect edge construction to prevent fraying or
splintering when wrapping.
Each boxing gauze wrap is 2” x 11 yards pre-rolled (ca 5 cm x 10 meter),
enough to wrap two hands. Crafted with technical expertise specifically
to meet the needs of fighters all over the world.
A boxer's hands are crucial to the sport, so they warrant being as comprehensively
protected and secured. BAD BOY’s Stitch Premium Power Gauze does just that by
supplying you with everything you need in a pre-packaged and measured
dual gauze pack. For ultimate hand wrapping, look no further than Stitch
Premium Power Gauze! For additional protection, use in conjunction with
Stitch Premium EZ Tape.
Specs: Polyester and cotton blend material
Fine precision edges eliminate fraying and splintering. Pack of 2