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Heavy Duty Barbell Pad

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The gym barbell pad equally dispenses weight and helps protect neck & shoulder

Suitable for men and women, fit most Olympic and standard bars

Ideal for use with exercises such as barbell squats, lunges, hip thrust and calf raises

The barbell squat pad evenly distributes weight and protects neck, shoulders, back and hips while doing weight lifting training, lunges, squats & hip thrusts.

Made from high-density thick and non-slip foam that absorbs impact and reduces pain.

Lightweight design, perfect for carrying in gym bags without extra weight. Easy to install and remove, but remains fastened during workouts. Fits most standard and Olympic bars

Colour: Black

Size: 457*90*25mm

Weight: 0.3kg

Product material: high elastic foam liner, no deformation, thick design.

Product features: Effective protection of neck shoulders