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Pivot Fitness

Heavy Duty Half Rack HR3240 + Lat Pulldown attachment

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The Pivot Fitness HR3240 with the HR-LR01 is designed for the athlete who wants to perform both individual exercises and cable exercises. In this way you provide a very varied Half Rack with which you automatically save space with the cable station. In our opinion highly recommended!

High & Low Pulley

The Lat and Row Attachment can be used on both the bottom and the top. There are two footrests at the bottom of the Lat and Row to get the most out of your rowing practice. Below are some exercises you can perform:

High Pulley

  • Lat Pulldown
  • Lat Prayers
  • Triceps Extension

Low Pulley

  • Seated Row
  • Cable Pull Through
  • Biceps Curl
The following accessories and attachments are included:
  • Lat Bar
  • Biceps bar
  • Pull Up station with various grip options
  • J-Hooks
  • Spotters
  • Set spring collars
Key features:
  • Half Rack with Heavy Duty steel
  • Suitable for compound and cable exercises!
  • Possibility to store the Olympic barbell and plates.
  • Smooth Running High & Low pulley, Plate Loaded


93 kg
166x156x215 cm
Maximum weight
280 kg