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Home Gym Package

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The  HR3260 Heavy Duty Power Rack is the ideal training partner when you want to break records as safely as possible. The long spotters ensure that both sides are completely closed to catch the barbell.

Magnetic J-Hooks and Spotters

The red spotters and J-hooks are equipped with nylon inserts, are functionally adjustable in height and guarantee safety and stability. The J-hooks and spotters contain a patented magnetic charge that keeps them stuck tightly along the uprights. This unique feature allows you to rely on Pivot as your training partner.

If you are going to work with strength training, you obviously want it to be done in a safe way. A solid quality and stability are very desirable, the Pivot Fitness HR3260 meets all requirements. The extremely stable and strong heavy duty steel frame ensures that the Heavy Duty Power Rack can withstand a maximum load of up to 280 kg and does not succumb even under the heaviest load.

Some exercises you can perform with the HR3260:
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Shoulder press
  • Upright rows
  • Pull-ups

Most important features:

  • Suitable for home use under the toughest training conditions
  • Magnetic J-hooks and spotters
  • 2 mm steel thickness
  • Supplied with Chin-bar, adjustable magnetic J-hooks and spotters
  • Chin-up/Pull-up station - various grip options
72.5 kg
130x120x215 cm
Maximum weight
280 kg

HR-LR02 Lat and Row Attachment for HR3260


The  HR-LR02 Lat and Row Attachment is a great addition to the Pivot Fitness HR3260 Heavy Duty Power Rack. With the Lat and Row you can add a whole list of new training possibilities and all in one. At the bottom of the lat and row are two footrests to get everything out of your rowing exercise.

The attachment is easy to install at the back of the Power Rack and is secured at the top and bottom for a solid construction.

  • Heavy duty steel
  • Includes set of collars, biceps barbell and lat bar
  • Add even more handles for the most complete workout
  • Easy to assemble
39 kg
90x73x222 cm

The HB3130 bench has an adjustable backrest in the positions decline, flat and incline and the seat can also be put in 2 positions. The backrest also has an extra headrest and an ergonomic finish on the bottom so you can get the most out of your workout. The seat section is specially shaped so that it does not get in the way when sitting on the bench. In short, the ideal bench of top quality at a competitive price.

The HB3130 bench is, thanks to the high-quality steel frame, very stable and therefore suitable for fanatics to get started. The bench can be used separately during your training, but also very suitable in combination with a Squat Rack or Smith Machine.

The HB3130 bench is also equipped with a handy handle at the front, this allows you to move the bench with the help of the transport wheels at the back.

  • Heavy steel construction
  • Set inline, decline and flat
  • Seat in 2 positions
  • Transport wheels to move the bench
  • Ergonomic sitting area
  • Maximum load up to 280 kg
28 kg
136x76x46 cm
Maximum weight
280 kg

5-25 kg Hex Rubber Dumbells Pack

5/7.5 /10 /12.5 /15 /17.5 /20 /22.5 /25 kg

9 pairs /Sets

4 Tier Dumbell Rack

Will fit the Hex Rubber Dumbells in the following sizes.

5/7.5 /10/12.5 /15 /17.5 /20 /22.5 /25 kg


Length(CM) 94
Width(CM) 59.5
Height(CM) 95



120 kg Olympic Weightlifting Set

7ft Olympic Bar /20 kg /28 mm dia /700 Ibs capacity/No Center Knurling /Dual marks

20 kg Olympic Bumper Plates Pair Blue

15 kg Olympic Bumper Plates Pair Yellow

10 kg Olympic Bumper Plates Pair Green

5 Kg Olympic Bumper Plates Pair Grey