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Home Gym Package

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. Full Commercial Grade Rack, Bench, Bumper Plates


Newton Fitness Black Series: Bring Club quality to your gym.

The BLK-130 is with its 75 kg absolutely the most stable, heaviest and compact Half Rack in its price range.

The Newton Fitness BLK-130 has a sleek design. The curved connector in the middle provides extra stability to the Power Rack. Compound exercises such as Barbell Squats, Bench Press and Overhead Press are all possible to perform.


The dimensions of the BLK-130 are 110x168x225 cm (LxWxH). This makes the Half Rack ideal for PT Studios, hotels, physiotherapy practices or people who want to bring gym quality in their home.

Heavy steel construction

The BLK-130 is built with 3 mm thick Q235 steel construction. This ensures the heavy weight of 75 kg and the high loadable weight of 350 kg. If you start with strength training, you naturally want this to be done in a safe way. Quality and stability are paramount, the Newton Fitness BLK-130 meets both.


The Half Rack is equipped with unique hooks which provide ease when it comes to adjusting the attachments such as the Dip Handles, Spotters and J-Hooks.

The BLK-130 comes with the following attachments:

J-Hooks: To put your Olympic barbell.

Spotters: For extra safety of your exercises.

Dip Handles: Can be used in three positions.

Weight Plate Pegs: To store your Olympic plates after use.

Pull Up Bar

To use the BLK-130, you must use Olympic discs and barbell (50 mm). The J-Hooks and Spotters are adjustable in 13 heights. The Half Rack is equipped with unique hooks which provides convenience when it comes to adjusting various attachments.

Main features BLK-130

Suitable for all your compound exercises.

Compact and very stable.

Unique hooks for the various attachments instead of regular holes.

Detachable J-Hooks, Spotters and Dip Handles.

Possibility to store Olympic weight plates.

3 mm thick Q235 steel construction.


170 kg Olympic Weightlifting Set

150 kg set of Black bumper plates made up of;

Black rubber bumper plates with 51mm hole. 450mm diameter, 30mm - 98mm width.

2 x 25 kg

7ft Olympic Bar /20 kg /28 Dia /700 Ibs capacity /No Center Knurling,Dual marks.



This is a full commercial flat, incline utility bench(no decline) This robust heavy-duty bench is suitable for full commercial use and a generous 770 lb (350 ) weight capacity. Made from heavy-duty construction with easy adjustments to the front and rear pads. Comes with front handle and rear transport wheels for easy movement


Commercial Weight Bench.

Adjustable Seat and Back Pads.

0-85 Degrees Angle

Handle and transport wheels for easy movement.

Full Commercial Use.

Heavy Duty Construction.
60 x80 mm Tube 3mm Thickness

Maximum Weight Capacity: 350 kg

Colour: Black

Product Weight: 36 kg


1412mm (L) X 703mm (W) X 457mm-1448mm(H)