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Home Gym Package

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Home Gym Package

Heavy Duty Half Rack

1)Heavy Duty Half Rack


Multi-grip pull up bar

Patent magnetic J hooks and spotters

Dual connection of uprights for extra stability

Multiple plates storage and bar hanger

Heavy duty construction

Assembly Size: L121 x W156 x H215 cm

Length:121 cm
Width:  156 cm
Height: 215 cm

280 kg Capacity
69 kg Weight

2)Lat Pulldown & Row Attachment


Fits Gymless Heavy Duty Half Rack ONLY

Rotating lat and row bars

Accommodate optional steel weight stacks

Chromed guide rods provide smooth moving       

Heavy duty construction

Length:90 cm
Width:  60 cm
Height: 222 cm

Weight 35 Kg

Capacity 130 kg

3) 170 kg Olympic Weightlifting Set Including 7ft bar

170 kg Olympic Weightlifting Set Including 7ft bar

7ft Olympic Bar /20 kg /28 mm dia /700 Ibs capacity/No Center Knurling /Dual marks

Olympic Trip Grip Rubber Coated Plates

2 x 25 kg
2 x 20kg
2 x 15 kg
2 x 10 kg
2 x 5 Kg

4) Heavy Duty FID Utility Bench

Flat, Incline, positions available.

Easy adjustment of backrest and seat.

Ergonomic shaped seat, two adjustable positions.

Transport wheels and carry handle for easy moving.

Heavy Duty construction, and high density upholsteries.

Assembly Size: L136 x W76 x H46-122 cm

Length:136 cm
Width:  76 cm
Height: 46-122 cm

Weight 30 kg

Capacity 275 kg