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Crossfit Timer Mini

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App operated Magnetic  Crossfit   Timer Mini 

 Android Users

Enter Google play and search for GX timer 

 IOS  Users

Enter APP store and search for GX timer


Application  Indoor

Panel Size:  130mm*39mm*23.5mm(5.12''*1.54''*0.93'')

Display Function:  12/24H time of day, MM:SS countdown/count up, interval training

Character Height:  0.8inch(2)+1inch(4)

Size:  130mm*39mm*23.5mm(5.12''*1.54''*0.93'')

Control:  5 Buttons

Color:   Black

Application - Anything metal ,racks ,rigs,dumbells etc

Certification:  CE ,RoHS

Usage time: 10 hours

Weight:  97g

Visual range 5.5 m 

What in the Box?
1 * 1” 6 digits digital TIMER
1 * TYPE-C charge line
1 * User Manual
1 Year warranty