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Max Grip Handles

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Gymless MAX Grips are perfect for anyone looking to take their training to the next level. Our MAX Grip handles have been made from a quality rubber coating, that covers the entire handle, unlike others on the market. Our handles are fully coated with a steel insert in the loop, this prevents damaging while in use and adds strength to the handle. 

Maximise your training with the set of 5 handles, offering multiple different lengths and angles to perfectly isolate the muscles for maximum growth.


Sold as a set of 5 

5-Piece Combo, 

33-inch (3.7kg),
24-inch (2.6kg), 
22-inch (2.5kg),
12-inch (2.4kg), 
12-inch (2.3kg)
5pcs/CTN, 84*29*21cm, 15kgs