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Pivot Fitness FSM - 400 Functional Smith Machine

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Pivot Fitness FSM-400 Functional Smith Machine

Are you looking for a single all-in-one power station? Then choose the Pivot Fitness FSM-400 Functional Smith Machine. The high-quality homegym is equipped with all the options you need for the most complete and extreme workout ever.

The FSM-400 consists largely of three components:

Smith Machine

Squat Rack

Cable Cross

Lay Press Plate (optional)

Jammer Arms (optional)

2 x 60 kg weight stack (extendable to 2 x 90 kg)

Heavy Duty Smith Machine

In by
The major advantage of the Smith Machine is safety. You can lock the safety spotters at the desired height and therefore during your training, go for the maximum result with just a little more weight than when you train with a barbell and weights. The unique function of the Smith barbell is that it feels weightless and you can handle the actual weight of Olympic discs what you add to the Smith barbell.

This allows you, for example, to train very lightly and, among other things, to perfect your exercises to carry out. The barbell of the Smith Machine is also mounted and therefore offers a smooth movement to minimize friction experienced during your training. The FSM-400 is also suitable for the toughest workouts, as the maximum load capacity of the Smith barbell is 400 kg.

Bearing barbell

Weightless Smith barbell


Safety hook

Maximum load up to 400 kg

Squat Rack

You can also train with free weights in combination with an (optional) barbell. You can set the J-hooks to the desired height, so they are good for the exercise that you are going to perform. You can place the barbell in the J-hooks. Of course there is also safety considered and therefore the safety spotters are included with the FSM-400.

The safety spotters can handle up to than 280 kg and, in an emergency, catch the barbell and therefore offers a safe training.

Train with loose (optional) barbell

Incl. J-hooks & spotters

Maximum load capacity of 280 kg

Cable Cross

Add endless exercises with the cable cross which is linked to two weight stacks of 60 kg. Both pulleys of the cable cross can be used separately, but also in combination. The cable cross is supplied with two single handles as standard. If 60 kg is not enough, you can extend it to 2 x 90 kg with the upgrade kit.

2 Weight stacks of 60 kg (upgrade kit to 90 kg optional)

Cable system

Incl. 2 x single handle

Supplied accessories:

2x Weight stack 60 kg

6x Olympic disc storage system

Set of J-Hooks

Set of Spotters

Dip handle

T-bar trainer

Smith Machine

Cable Cross

2x Single handle

6x Spring collars

Pull-up Bar

Safety System

Leg Lock


345 kg


201x148x224 cm

Capacity 400 kg