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Plastic Gym Rings 28mm dia with 38mm width straps

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Rings are one of the simplest and most effective strength tools available and can be set-up and height adjusted in minutes in your gym, garage or home.

The equipment works so well because the free movement and instability of the rings requires more stabilising strength to perform and to manipulate your body weight in the suspended state. This independent rotation not only makes exercises more effective but safer too, as your movement has no fixed path of motion and joints can track naturally.

Suitable for home / gym training (suspend over garage rafters, overhead beams, ceiling mounts, pull-up bars, power racks or trees)

Quick set-up and easy height adjustment

Portable and lightweight design

Superior core workout

The rings solid construction, lightweight design and easy adjust format makes them the perfect choice of gymnastics rings for ring training and body weight workouts.

Contents of the Rings
With the Rings you get everything you need to start ring training straight away:

2 Gymnastic Rings

2 High-tensile Nylon straps, 16 feet in length

2 Easy-adjust CAM buckles

Setting up gymnastics rings
Using the supplied straps and buckle mounting system the Rings can be suspended over any overhead stable structure in seconds.

After threading the straps over (or through) your anchor point the rings are secured in place using the CAM buckles, which are also used to adjust the height of the rings by feeding through the webbing.

The straps can be suspended over pull-up bars, beams or rafters in your home or garage, or thread through an eye-bolt secured into your ceiling (eye-bolt not supplied). You can also take the rings outside and hook them up to trees or local park equipment. They are truly versatile and portable.


Nylon Webbing Straps (W x L): 2.3cm(0.9in) X 500cm(16.4FT)
Anti-skidding design
28mm dia with
38mm width straps
Maximum Load: 300kg
Colour: Black
Ring Material: High Grade ABS Plastic

Package Includes:
2x gymnastic rings
2x high-strength nylon webbing straps with quick-lock buckles
Brand new in box