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Power Tower

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The PowerMark 362 Power Tower is a perfect device to perform all your chin and dip exercises. In addition there are 2 push-up Grips, so you can carry out your push ups. This way you can give your upper body a very complete training without having to purchase a huge amount of weight plates. For all exercises you'll use your own weight as resistance.

Because of the intensity of the exercises that you can do on the Power Tower this is a device that is certainly suitable for the experienced athlete. The exercises you perform are particularly well suited to improve the strength in the muscle groups.

Below is a selection of the possible exercises:
  • Pull ups (back muscles, shoulders, biceps)
  • Dipping (triceps, chest, shoulders)
  • Knee raise (straight and oblique abs)
  • Push ups (chest and triceps)

Besides the variety of exercises the Power Tower is very robust. The steel frame construction is so heavy that you find the desired stability while performing your workout. All handles are also provided with a rubber layer, so that you will encounter your desired grip.

Key features
  • For exercises of Knee Raise, Chin Ups, Push Ups and Sitted Ups
  • Wide base provides needed stability
  • High quality metallic powder coating
  • Easy Assembly
  • Heavy duty Frame Construction, Strong & durable
  • Comfortable, durable upholstery for added support and protection
  • Weight
    39 kg
    150x104x213 cm
    Maximum weight
    125 kg