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PowerBlock Straight Bar

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The PowerBlock Urethane Straight Bar is the perfect addition to the PowerBlock dumbbells.

The ingenious adjustment system ensures that you can turn the dumbbells into a barbell in a jiffy and you can therefore perform more exercises. The bar weighs, without weights, 11.3 kg and is therefore also an ideal starting weight. Do you really want to get the most out of the training? Combine the Straight Bar with the PowerBlock dumbbells and train with a maximum of 45 kg.

Compatible with:
  • Pro 50 (Pro Series)
  • Pro EXP (Pro Series)
  • Urethane Series

The PowerBlock Urethane Straight Bar replaces up to 8 fixed barbells and is easy to adjust.

Note: Weights are sold separately and the PowerBlock Urethane Straight Bar is only compatible with the Pro 50, Pro EXP, U50, U70 and U90 PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells.