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Give your kid the opportunity to make new childhood memories, enjoying an endless amount of outdoors fun with this quirky skipping rope. Our segmented Kids Jump Rope is creatively shaped with colourful plastic segments to inspire imaginative play and help kids create fun, new recreational jump rope routines.Made from premium quality materials and environmentally friendly plastic segments that are safe for kids use, free from any obtrusive odour and soft on the skin. Shatterproof plastic segmented rope is built to survive rough use and adds weight to the durable, braided-nylon, tangle-free cable to help achieve smooth rotation at high speeds. Ergonomic handles provide comfortable, non-slip grip for all hand sizes. Lightweight segmented rope construction effectively reduces resistance for easy skipping and is made portable for convenient use anywhere – indoors or to carry outdoors in its own antimicrobial bag with included workout guide. Easily adjustable, 10ft segmented skipping rope can be shortened at the handle by taking out segmented pieces and re-knotting to modify size for your preferred height, which makes it suitable for all ages – including children, teenagers, adults and elders.The user-friendly design encourages a lively outlook to physical education and promotes mass participation in schools and by junior sports teams. Perfect as a sports skipping rope, school jump rope, fun home gym equipment or hard-wearing plastic playground skipping rope for kids. Colourful jump rope options (in pink and purple, blue and white, and rainbow combinations) maximize the fun of kids' jump rope games, and are suitable for both boys and girls.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & TOUGH HANDLES – Thin, lightweight handles are made from sturdy PP material to comfortably fit in all hand sizes (kids, teenagers, adults and elders) and provide non-slip grip for sweaty hands.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION & COLOURFUL PLASTIC SEGMENTS – Hard-wearing plastic bead segments combined with a tough, braided-nylon cable ensures long-lasting durability and less resistance, with just enough weight to enable smooth, high-speed rotation without tangles. This jump rope for kids is great for rough play at school & playground; and also suitable for sports training and home gym use.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY BEADS – This plastic skipping rope for kids features environmentally friendly beads that are safe for kids to use and without any abnormal odour that could spoil your skipping experience.
  • ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – Lightweight and portable training rope comes with its own antimicrobial pouch and workout guide to provide convenient use in different environment settings, indoor and outdoor – including home gyms, parks, backyards and gymnasiums. Available in three colour variations – pink & purple, blue & white, and multicolour rainbow – suitable for any boy or girl.
  • EASY LENGTH ADJUSTMENT – Easily adjustable 10ft rope can be quickly customized to suit the needs of user with different heights. Just remove the appropriate amount of plastic segmented beads at the handles and re-knot it to your preferred size.