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Rdx Groin Guard

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Made with an advanced foam padding, this boxing and martial arts groin guard is your ultimate protection. A shield for your kidneys, stomach and groin zone, this solid abdo guard will never leave you open to stray shots. Handcrafted with unbreakable Maya Hide leather for durability and foam padding for serious shock dissipation. Hard shell cup for a no fear approach with lace and elastic adjustable strap for the best possible fit. Ample room for accommodating second cup within for added protection. CE certified by SATRA TECHNOLOGY.

  • Resilient Maya Hide™ leather ensures long-lasting durability
  • Compressed EVA-LUTION sheet provides wear and tear resistance
  • Double layered closed-cell foam with hard shell polymer cup to safeguard against low blows
  • Ample cup size fits and extra cup for added protection. Along with elastic and lace strap for secure fit.
  • CE certified by SATRA TECHNOLOGY.