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SPORTTAPE Extra Sticky Kinesiology Tape, 5cm x 5m

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  • ✅ EXTRA STICKY KINESIOLOGY TAPE - Stickier than the proverbial. Our glue is formulated for intense sport in extreme conditions. It has survived running jungle marathons, CrossFit competitions, Rugby & Football tournaments and ocean swimming.
  • ⚕️ PHYSIO TAPE - Used by some of the best physios, sports therapists and athletes in the world. This is no ordinary Kinesiology Tape. We use thick organic cotton to provide durability and nylon to give the perfect stretch. World Champions don't compromise and neither should you.
  • 💪 K TAPE FOR ALL AREAS - Made from an organic cotton (93%) & nylon (7%) blend (latex free) to provide a perfect combination of flexibility, recoil & support for any area of the body. Including Knee, Shoulder, Plantar Fascia, Achilles, Patella and Hamstring.
  • 💧 HYPOALLERGENIC AND LATEX FREE SPORTS TAPE - Our glue and Kinetic Tape fabric is designed to be worn by all. However, if you have sensitive skin we would recommend our GENTLE kinesiology tape.
  • ⚫ BLACK MUSCLE SUPPORT TAPE - 150-180% unilateral stretch mimics the natural stretch of the skin & even recoil provides dynamic support for all kinds of sports injuries.