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Sprint Band 400 cm

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Sprint Band

Red - Strong
L - 400 cm
W-5 cm
Thickness - 4.5 mm

Fantastic tool for your sprints /resistance training.

The sprinting band allows you to perform a number of resistive running exercises. In the past, you had to tie three to four heavy duty bands together. Now you can achieve the same results with one long continuous loop band, and for less money. This band can be used in a number of ways. Examples include ballistic sprints, lateral shuffles, backpedaling, and more. The bands can also be used for partner-assisted dual resistance exercises. Sprinting bands support total freedom of movement under constant resistance. Got a creative idea? Try using two bands and two partners to create left and right lateral resistance. The bands have a layered design which minimizes the chance of them breaking at a single connection point. If a band gets nicked, it won't snap easily because multiple layers help to keep it intact.

NOTICE: This product may contain dry rubber or natural latex.