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Aqua Bag

Aqua Bag Hanging Kit

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Designed for all Aqua Training Bags, the 3' 9" steel chain holds bags up to 200 pounds, while the integrated swivel ensures the chain won’t twist during your workout.


All Strength No Twist

When you’re hanging your heavy punching bag, you need confidence it’ll hold the weight but without twisting which could damage the chain, mount, or even your ceiling. We’ve designed our Heavy Bag Chain and Swivel to hold any Aqua Training Bag® or heavy bags up to 200 pounds. With the integrated swivel, your bag can turn without twisting the chain.

Weighing in at only four pounds, the chain won’t add unwanted additional weight for your mount or stand to hold. Setup is simple, just connect the chain to the shackle on your Aqua Training Bag and hang it up before filling your bag with water. And speaking of water, the chain and swivel are water resistant, so you can forget about rust or surface pitting.



  • 200 POUND CAPACITY — Built to securely hold any Aqua Training Bag®, the Heavy Bag Chain and Swivel will hold any punching bag up to 200 pounds.
  • SWIVEL PREVENTS TWISTING — A twisting chain can cause damage to the chain, mount, and ceiling. The integrated swivel ensures the bag can spin without transferring that movement to the chain.
  • BUILT TO LAST — A plated steel chain and galvanized steel swivel will hold your heavy bag for years to come. Water resistant, the chain resists rust and surface pitting.
  • EASY SETUP — Remove the shackle from your Aqua Training Bag, and then connect the heavy bag hanging kit to the shackle. It is best to do this before you have filled your Aqua Training Bag.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT— The chain and swivel add only four pounds to your setup, so you don’t have to worry about adding unwanted weight to your mount or stand.