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Jump Rope Mat

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  • Non-slip Jump Rope Mat: The double-sided anti-skid jump rope mat can quickly and effectively drain the moisture on the contact surface and increase the friction. The front side is dedicated to prevent slippage of the human body, and the back side is dedicated to various floors for strong adsorption.
  • Protect Knees & Joints: The jump rope mat is made of high quality TPE material and premium padding to absorb impact, protecting your feet while jumping, relieving the impact of your knees, and protecting your knees, joints, and prevents injuries.
  • Shock Absorption: The jumping rope mat has the effect of noise attenuation, anti-slip and shock absorption. The high quality closed hole design enhances the shock absorption function, reduces noise, and effectively avoids disturbing the family and neighbors.
  • Adds Jump Ropes Longevity: In the process of skipping rope, use this type of skipping rope mat to prevent the skipping rope from rubbing against the floor surface and causing wear due to impact, effectively prolonging the life of the skipping rope.

Size :140cm *61 cm