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2m Climbing Rope

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Top features:

  • Resilient swing rope with a good grip made of natural hemp fiber
  • Cardio training, cross training, tug of war rope in one
  • Secure ceiling mounting with the sturdy steel holder for hooking on to


The 3.8 cm thick, three-ply rope made of natural hemp fibers guarantees optimal grip - use it as swing rope or as a team rope for tug of war. The natural fibers also give the rope an appealing retro look as in the days of Jahn, the father of  gymnastics or like the well known ropes from the gym. The bracket is bolted securely to the cable, but can be easily removed within a few seconds if you don't want to use it for ceiling mounting. Both ends of the cable are covered with a plastic shrink tube, which on the one hand acts as a handle and, on the other hand, prevents fraying of the cable.


Please note that you will need a suitable holding to mount the rope to the ceiling.