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66 Fit

66fit Multi Adjustable Exercise Band Set - Pilates Fitness Yoga Training

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Triple your fitness with the 66fit Set of 3 Multi Adjustable Exercise BandsFrom warm ups to general fitness exercises, stretching, toning, Pilates and Yoga, 66fit Exercise Bands are the ideal companion to your regime.Our colour coded set of three bands allows you to progress through your training programme selecting the suitable level of resistance as you go. For a total body workout, from upper to lower to core body exercises, the 66fit Set of Multi Adjustable Bands has something for everyone. Why Choose the 66fit Multi Adjustable Exercise Band Set?Manufactured to a high standard 66fit exercise bands are a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with portability, practicality and easy storage in mind.These bands come in three colour coded strengths which range from light through to heavy. A set of detachable handles is also included to add another dimension to your workout.Each individual textile coloured band has a differing amount of resistance making the 66fit Exercise Band Set ideal for progressive resistance training. The user can simply adjust the length of the band to the desired length, making it ideal for all types of exercise training. Gently work your way through your regime, selecting the appropriate level of resistance as you go and using the different colours as a visual indicator of your progress.66fit adjustable bands are widely recommended by physiotherapists and clinicians for use in post-injury recovery and rehabilitation.Further information about the exercise bands together with in-depth videos are available online.SpecificationStrength: Light, Medium and HeavyBand length: Up to 2m each bandMaterial: Elasticated Textile Fabric, TPR/PVC HandlesPresented In: White Box Box Contents: 3 x Elasticated Textile Bands. 2 x Detachable handlesMade In: Taiwan