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Adjustable Dip Station

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Adjustable Dip Station


About this item

  • ★ COMPLETE PORTABLE DIP STATION ★ – The  Dip Station provides everything you need to perform dips, inverted pull-ups, L sits, and callisthenic movements anywhere! From beginners to advanced athletes, everyone will be able to use this dip station for their workouts and feel the burn. Whether it’s at home, outside, or at the gym, this dip bar delivers.
  • ★ ADJUSTABLE HEIGHTS ★ – Our Dip Bars are adjustable to suit every athlete and whatever challenge they seek. Each bar can be adjusted to 4 different heights, starting at 30 inches and going up to 39 inches. Since they are two separate Dip Bars, this station can also be set as wide or as narrow as you need. Completely customizable to your body and your workout.
  • ★ STABLE, SAFE DESIGN ★ – These bars are constructed from strong steel and designed with a stable base to support you during your workout. Each bar also features a foam grip to provide a comfortable post for your hands to hold on tight. The base of each bar is also fitted with rubber feet to keep it in place during every rep.
  • ★ WHAT’S IN THE PACKAGE ★ – Each Gymless Dip Station comes with (2) Dip Bars. Each Dip bar has a 20.5” long Base and a 24” wide Top Bar. The max capacity is 400 lbs. Dip Bars can adjusted to 4 different heights – minimum 30” and maximum 39”. This selection is for Black Dip Bars.
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