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AllCare Latex Exercise Bands -25 m Red

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Medium - Red

Medium - Red - 0.20mm x 25m


Dimensions: 14.5cm x 25m

Main Material: Latex

Presented In: Colour Display Box


A typical exercise program will include:

  • Inversion
  • Eversion
  • Plantarflexion
  • Dorsiflexion

A typical session will involve 3 - 5 sets of 15 repetitions. Sessions should only progress at the tolerance of the patient. If swelling or pain increases, step down the reps/sets/resistance.


  • Steady 30% increase from colour to colour
  • To use, simply cut a length from the roll and tie a knot to form a loop. The knot can be undone easily to change the length or size of the loop. AllCare Exercise Band may also be used as a single length
  • Available in 6 colour coded resistances, providing a wide range of treatments
  • Made under the international quality standard ISO 9002
  • Available in 1.5m, 5.5m (6yd), 25m (28yd) rolls and 46m (50yd) Rolls
  • Supplied in colour coded boxes, with perforated dispensing slot for easy access and storage