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AllCare Power Loops Exercise Bands

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AllCare Power Loop Bands are 100cm (40")  long, 4.5cm thick and are commonly used in many fitness training programmes.
Made from seamless latex rubber, they are extremely strong, and by using a combination loops you can dramatically increase the resistance. The loop bands are circular and the size shown of 100cm (40") is when the rubber band is laid flat. The actual total length of the loop band (if cut and laid in a continuous length) would be 200cm (80")
Used in many fitness training programmes such as cross fit, weightlifting, stretching, plyometrics, rehabilitation, assisted pull ups etc.
Strong loop band for optimum resistance and durability
A versatile exercise tool to help strengthen * rehabilitate muscles
ideal for use in functional training, resistance & weight training and stretching
Comes in 5 colour coded resistances with increasing widths
All loops 4.5mm thick and 100cm in length
Material: Latex Rubber
Green - Firm - Width 45mm
Blue - X-Firm - Width 65mm