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Bodysolid Aluminum Cable Attachments

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Constructed with high-strength 1-¼” aluminum, the Body-Solid Tools Aluminum Cable Attachments feature knurled grips for easy handling throughout workouts and are rust-proof and lightweight giving it distinct advantages over comparable steel cable attachment bars.


Body-Solid Aluminum Machine Bars – The Body Solid Tools MB022A Aluminum Straight Bar, MB229A Aluminum Curl Bar, MB100A Aluminum Double Swivel Bar, and MB148A Aluminum Lat Bar are machine bar attachments designed to attach to any home gym, cable crossover machine or functional trainer, or other pulley-based weight machine. Each cable accessory is made of high-strength aluminum which is both durable and lightweight, and gives each bar distinct advantages over comparable solid steel cable attachment bars. The lighter bar weight provides a more equal counterbalance to most weight stack top plates and selector shafts, meaning the attachment won't crash to the floor (or on top of your head) when removing the selector pin on a weight stack to change the weight. It also allows for a lower starting weight during exercise for lighter weight resistance or higher repetition training. The aluminum construction means that these Body-Solid machine bars are rust-proof, eliminating unsightly and unhygienic rust and corrosion that may develop over time from sweaty hands or humid gym environments. Knurled grips offer a secure grip and consistent handling during intense workouts. Each attachment revolves and swivels creating increased exercise versatility and constant, steady, uninterrupted fluid motion. Body-Solid Aluminum Machine Bars are perfect for home gyms, personal training studios, commercial gyms, hotel fitness centers, and multi-housing workout rooms where safety, cleanliness, and durability are demanded.



MB022A Aluminum Cable AttachmentsAluminum Revolving Straight Bar (MB022A)      0.6 kg weight



MB229A Aluminum Cable AttachmentsAluminum Revolving Curl Bar (MB229A)           1 kg weight
MB100A Aluminum Cable AttachmentsAluminum Double Swivel Bar (MB100A)           1.6  kg weight
MB148A Aluminum Cable AttachmentsAluminum Lat Bar (MB148A)                            1.5 kg weight
NB59A Aluminum Cable AttachmentsAluminum Nylon Handle (NB59A)                   0.1 kg