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Climbing Pull up Ball set

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Product Description:
Improve your grip strength. Great addition to home gym, kettlebells, pull up bar.
Our Power Grip Balls are the perfect training tools for working grip strength while doing pull-ups & Fitness.
Our 2.8inch diameter grip balls provide a radius for open hand training.
From pinch strength to core exercises the Power Grip Balls provide more advanced rock climbing training options.
Specially designed ball with Soft solid plastic. Anti-skid design improve your exercise performance.

Weight: 2 Grip Ball - 9.8oz/ 280g, Stainless Steel Hooks - 12.3oz/ 350g
Material: Ball - Plastic, Straps - Nylon, Hooks - stainless steel
Color: Yellow, Black

Packing List:
2 x Grip Ball
2 x Stainless Steel Hooks
2 x Nylon Webbing