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Crossfit Timer 710x160x45 mm Large

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The perfect Wall Timer for Interval Training in a gym. Designed for class based training sessions.
Very bright and clear display plus easy to use remote control.

- 12/24hour time of day (12hour format: H2 HH:MM; 24hour format: H1 HH:MM)
- Stop Watch (Minutes Seconds: Hundredths of a second 00:00:00 to 99:59:00)
- Countdown& Count up (Countdown format : dn MM:SS from 99:59 to 00:00 ;
Count up format: UP MM:SS from 00:00 to 99:59)
- Alternate timing for training and rest. F stands for training time; C stands for rest
Display Format [F1 MM:SS & C1 MM:SS] F = Work Period, C = Rest Period.
Clock will show F# (F and a number pertaining to the work interval or round, i.e. F1 = 1st round of work, F2 = 2nd round of work, etc.) during the training period, then once work interval is completed C# (C and number pertaining to the rest interval or round) will show for the rest period/interval. The number of rounds, length of rest, and length of work can all be set up by the user for total custom intervals. The timer displays the time in red while the numbers of rounds are displayed in blue 4" high numbers.

Visual Range 30 m
Control by wireless remote control
Dimension: 710mm x 160mm x 45mm
Case Aluminum
Power: AC110~250V depend on your countries’ standard
Mounting Method: Wall-mount Hang Stand on desk

Package Includes:


2xbrackets and screws

1x remote control

1x clock

1xuser manual;

One Year Warranty

Please note that this timer would suit in a large ,commercial gym .