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Deadlift Bar 230cm

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Our Deadlift Bar is 230cm long with 27mm diameter shaft and aggresive knurling ideal for pulling big weights. Take your deadlifting to the next level with this specialist barbell offering excellent whip and reduced spin.

  • Our Deadlift bar features a 27mm diameter shaft, composite bushings and a deep, aggressive knurl, ideal for pulling big weights
  • At 230cm this specialist deadlift barbell is longer than an Olympic bar and has more flex than our Power bar for improved whip when lifting
  • Aggressive knurling on handles for maximum grip
  • Zero centre knurl ensures no rubbing against legs on heavy lifts
  • Sprung Zinc shaft with hard chrome finish and stainless steel outer bushings
  • Internally the bar features graphite plugged bronze bushings for reduced spin and lower maintenance compared to bearing bars
  • Single powerlifting knurl marks spaced at 81cm
  • Specialist barbell ideal for deadlifting and strongman training
  • Please note this bar is suitable for deadlifts only. It is not suitable for other static lifts or Olympic lifting
  • Specification:
    • Bar weight: 20kg
    • Total length: 230cm
    • Shaft diameter: 27mm 
    • Centre length: 142cm
    • Distance between knurl rings: 81cm
    • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
    • Sleeve length: 39.5cm
    • Load testing: 680kg/1500lbs
    • Tensile strength: 196k psi