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Deluxe Plyo Box 12 ″

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The PowerMark Deluxe Plyobox is a tool for plyometrics (jump training).

The Plyobox is made of square steel tubes and the surface is coated with a rubber anti-slip coating. The bottom frame has rubber pads to prevent shifting, so you have maximum grip. The design is very stable, easy to stack and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

With plyometric training you can increase the explosive power of the muscles. Think of jump training, where you jump a few times on the box. Higher or further jumping, start faster, hit and kick harder, thanks to this training, you'll take off like a rocket.

The Plyobox is 31 cm high and has a rubber surface of 33.5x33.5 cm.
8.28 kg
43x43x32 cm