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Dual Pulley - Plate Loaded

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  • - DUAL PULLEYS ADJUSTABLE IN 15 POSITIONS: They can be adjusted in 15 muscle-burning positions, allowing you to choose the desired height after exercise so you can target muscle groups with pinpoint precision
  • - ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: Designed with a 2.5/5cm diameter weight bar, this power cage has been designed to accommodate weight plates for your convenience. Let this exercise machine grow with you on your fitness journey (maximum 60kg per side, 120kg total)
  • - MULTIPLE TYPES OF EXERCISE: It has a pull-up bar, a curl/rowing bar, 2 single-strap handles and a pull-up station. Common exercises include the cable crossover for a chest workout, cable curls, upright or low rows, and pull-ups or pull-ups for a total body workout.
  • - VERY RESISTANT: The rubber base caps, which cover each foot of this fitness station, provide more safety, stability and protection to your gym floor. Triangular steel frame is stable and durable
  • - TOTAL MEASUREMENTS: 170x139x200 cm (LxWxH). Maximum supported weight: 120 kg

This product is suitable for home gyms only