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Fitness Mad

EPP Wedge Set - 3 Pieces

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Our EPP stackable wedges consist of two 9 degree wedges and one 18 degrees wedge. Creating the opportunity to use both legs at 9 degrees or 18 degrees. Alternatively, you can use these wedges for single leg use at 9 degrees through to 36 degrees. Our wedge set are extremely lightweight, easily portable and provide a firm platform for mobility exercises, squats, and deep calf stretches.

  • Portable
  • Great for squats
  • Provide deep calf stretches

Product Details

  • Brand: Fitness-Mad
  • Material: EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) Foam
  • Dimensions: 9 degrees - 30cm (L) x 5cm (H) & 18 degrees - 30cm (L) x 10cm (H)
  • Weight: 9 degrees - 77g, 18 degrees - 154g, total - 308g
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