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Flat Bench with Built-in dumbbell storage rack

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The PowerMark 302 Flat Bench is a very robust flat weight bench, for a very competitive price. The weight bench has a strong steel frame that will not budge even under heavy load. You always have the stable feel what you want during a workout. The high-quality coating and double-stitched lining ensure an optimal life duration.

The PowerMark 302 is ideal for training with loose dumbbells or a loose barbell. Obviously the weight bench is also a very suitable for training on a Power Rack or Smith Machine. The possibility to store your dumbbells under your weight bench is also very useful.

Key features
  • Robust flat bench with Built-in dumbbell storage rack
  • High density duarable upholstery with an incline support to head
  • Heavy duty steel tube construction
  • High quality metallic powder coating
  • Weight
    16 kg
    120x52x46 cm
    Maximum weight
    180 kg