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Pivot Fitness

Glute Ham Developer PM130

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The Pivot Fitness Glute Ham Developer is great for developing strong glutes, lower back, hamstrings, calves and abs.

Exercises possible:
  • Glute Ham Raise
  • Back Raises
  • Straight Leg Sit ups
  • Bilateral Leg Lifts
  • One leg Glute Ham Raises
  • One Leg Back Raise
  • Side Bending Torso Training
  • Russian Twists

It is one of the best devices to do hamstring exercises because you're training your hamstring at both joints (knee and hip). Both the knee pads and stabilizer pads are vertically adjustable.

Key features
  • Glute and hamstring exercises, leg and abdominal exercises
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Adjustable pads, forward, back, up and down
  • Built to accommodate even the largest athletes
  • Thigh roller pads are designed to maximize user comfort
170x73x104 cm
Maximum weight
136 kg