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Gymless HR3250 Heavy Duty Half Rack

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The Gymless  HR3250 Heavy Duty Half Rack has everything for an ambitious weight training. Make the most of your training, push your limits and feel the space to outshine.

Together with a barbell and weight plates you will come a long way in the world of strength sports. Training with free weights is most effective if the user feels safe enough to still squeeze out the extra pair of repetitions. The Gymless HR3250 Heavy Duty Half Rack is your training partner and will not let you down.

Magnetic J-Hooks and Spotters

The eccentric red spotters and J-hooks are equipped with nylon inserts, are functionally adjustable in height and guarantee safety and stability. The J-hooks and spotters contain a patented magnetic charge which keeps them tight along the uprights. This unique feature allows you to rely on Gymless as your training partner.


Maximum load + Heavy Duty

If you are going to do strength training, you obviously want this to happen in a safe way. A solid quality and stability are very desirable, the Gymless HR3250 meets both requirements. The extremely stable and strong heavy duty steel frame of no less than 70 kg ensures that the power rack will not butch even under heavy loads.


Make your rack complete

The base is already very strong, but Gymless goes even further and offers the complete solution for the all-in-1 rack and thus guarantees the most complete workout possible. Take for example the dip handle for triceps, lat and row for a whole new one range of exercises, the battle rope and suspension trainer hook for functionality and the T-bar for shoulders, back and core stability.


All product options are listed at the bottom of the product page.

Whether you want to maintain your muscle condition or build strength and muscle mass, with the Gymless HR3250 this is all possible.

Some exercises you can perform with the Gymless HR3250:
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Shoulder press
  • Upright rows

In order to create even more training freedom, you can use a separate weight bench on the Gymless HR3250 for bench presses such as the Gymless HB3130 Heavy Duty Bench.

Most important features:
  • Suitable for all types of compound exercises
  • Supplied with chin bar, spotter bars, adjustable bar hooks, Olympic plate holders and a bar holder
  • Chin-up/Pull-up station - various handle options
  • Detachable spotter bars and bar hooks - individually adjustable in 18 heights
  • 8 possibilities to store your weight plates (50 mm)
  • Maximum load up to 280 kg


Product options
  • Gymless HB3130 Heavy Duty Bench
  •  HA-3720 T-Bar Landmine Attachment
  •  HR-LR01 Lat and Row Attachment
  • Suspension Trainer Hook
  • Battle Rope Hook
  • HA-3742 Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar Arc (replaces standard Chin-up/Pull-up)
  • HA-3743 Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar Ball (replaces standard Chin-up/Pull-up)
  •  HA3710 Dip Station

Landmine attachment
Mounting option for the HA-3720 T-Bar Landmine Attachment. This T-Bar Landmine is the ideal addition to a barbell with a diameter of 50 mm. Put the barbell in the Landmine and you have lots of new possibilities. The weight of these exercises can easily be determined by the weight you place on the free end of the bar. It is an ideal complement to improve the strength and mobility of your upper body.

Suspension Trainer Hook
Possible to mount the  HA-3740 Suspension Trainer Hook to, for example, a Suspension Trainer such as the Fitness Mad Pro Suspension Trainer or to hang a punching bag.

Battle Rope Hook
Add the  HA-3741 battle rope hook to the Heavy Duty Half Rack to make use of a battle rope in combination with the half rack.

69 kg
121x156x215 cm
Maximum weight
280 kg