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Heavy Duty Fid Utility Bench

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The Heavy Duty Utility bench combines gym quality workout equipment with a great, modern design. The backrest is adjustable to 7 different angles, from slightly below flat all the way up to 90°. The seat is also 5-way adjustable. The bench benefits from a solid steel frame and beautiful PU leather upholstery. This means stability, security and comfort. It's the perfect all rounder, as it combines the advantages of flat, decline and incline benches in one package.

  • Professional studio quality 
  • Solid steel frame 
  • Rubberized feet 
  • Upholstery made of PU leather 
  • 5-way adjustable seat 
  • 7-way adjustable backrest 
  • Measurements (LxWxH): 1370mm x 685mm x 493.5mm -1367mm
  • Dimensions of the backrest Length: 90cm Thickness: 4cm Width: 27 - 33cm 
  • Dimensions of the seat  Length: 29cm Thickness: 4cm Width: 36cm 
  • Product weight: approx. 25  kg
  • Capacity 250 kg