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Husafell Strongman Bags

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The Husafell is an essential tool in the Strongman discipline and is inspired by the famous Icelandic stone. In the same way as the strongbag, the Husafell will allow you to improve your explosiveness, your strength and your endurance.

Available in: 45kg, 68kg and 90kg.

Delivered empty.

Sveltus's recommendation: It is imperative to use masonry sand with a particle size of 4mm. Sand that is too fine or too coarse could damage the closure and seams, causing them to fail completely in the short or medium term. 


- Do not fill more than the indicated load as this may cause the seams to explode during drops.


Sizes available 

45 kg     Width 45 (cm)  Height 55(cm)

68 kg     Width 50(cm)  Height 60(cm)

90 kg     Width 60(cm)  Height 66(cm)