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Advanced Fitness

Manta Ray

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Manta Ray

The Manta Ray squat device is the king of barbell pads. It's not a barbell pad but a masterpiece of engineering. The MantaRay is so brilliant we ALWAYS keep plenty on stock for guaranteed next day delivery: Read more below:

What makes the Manta Ray so special?

With nothing more than pipe lagging being the norm when it comes to barbell pads, the Manta Ray Squat Device is unique in so much as it's been designed and manufactured with one thing in mind and that's doing what it's meant to do and doing it without compromise.

The Manta Ray Squat is a little different from the regular squat, so we encourage everyone to treat it like a new movement...

If you have been squatting for some time your body will have become familiar with your current posture. That is often more bent over than you might like because our bodies compensate for the bar's tendency to roll by bending us forward. This is particularly tru if you use a towel or roll pad. The arms have to keep the bar from rolling and your body often bends you forward to protect your wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Our front projections (on the Manta Ray Pad) keep that from happening. Your arms won't feel like they're about to be pulled out of the sockets so most people find they can use the more upright posture that protects the lower back from possible injury.

For most people the Manta Ray "clicks" instantly, for others there is an adjustment (adaptation) period. In the latter group it might just take a couple of workouts or it might take a month. The effort is definitely worth it.

The key to finding your "groove" is not getting the bar too close to your neck. If the bar hurts your neck or the front projections hit your collar bone just roll the bar (and the device) rearward a little with your hands or re-rack the bar and re-lift further "down" your back. (Don't go extremely far back as the Manta Ray is for "high bar squats".

Keeping your head up and imagine the force travelling through your heels also makes it easier to adjust to the more upright posture.

What Advanced Fitness Inc. say about their Manta Ray Squat Pad:

"Manta Ray"

"Our patented load distribution device for the back squat exercise. Made from a hi-tech polyurethane polymer, it is virtually indestructible. Instead of the force concentrating in one small area, the Manta Ray increases the surface area by more than 1600% finally making it possible to focus on the movement. The front projections help keep the bar from trying to roll off your back. This allows most people use a more erect posture because it stops the bodies tendency to bend the lifter forward in an attempt to take the stress off the shoulders."