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Newton Fitness Black Series BLK-25 Sissy Squat

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With the Newton Fitness BLK-25 you can comfortably perform the Sissy Squat and also train the abdominal muscles; a handy 2-in-1 bench that allows you to save some space. Thanks to the sturdy construction and luxurious cushions, this bench is sufficient both at home and in a personal trainer studio.

newton fitness

Exercising the thigh muscles

The Sissy Squat is a good exercise for training the thigh muscles. By taking place between rollers at the front and the large cushion at the back, you maintain the correct posture during the exercise and prevent you from falling backwards.

This ensures you can perform the exercise safely and you can focus on training the thigh muscles. Both the rollers such as the cushion are luxuriously designed, making every movement feel comfortable.

newton fitness

Easy to set up

With the help of the handy pop-pin system you can easily adjust both the rollers and the pillow to your body size. The cushion is adjustable in height and the rollers at the front are adjustable in horizontal direction.

newton fitness

Large cushions

In addition to the Sissy Squat, you can also perfectly train the abdominal muscles by sitting on the large cushion and use it as an abdominal muscle bench. The pad has a downward slope, which automatically puts more emphasis on training the lower back abs.

newton fitness

Easy to move

Thanks to the transport wheels at the front of the bench and the handle at the back, you can easily lift the bench and move.

Of course you can also vary this position, for example by using a counterweight in the form of a medicine ball. In addition training the abs feels comfortable, especially when you compare it to training the abs on the floor.


20 kg
119x57x39.5 cm
Maximum weight
250 kg