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Newton Fitness

Newton Fitness Black Series BLK-4000 Multifunctional Smith Machine

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Newton Fitness Black Series: Bring Club quality to your gym.

Complete, stable and phenomenally finished: The BLK-4000 Multifunctional Smith Machine!

The BLK-4000 resembles many of our other Smith Machines. This model is rock solid and is suitable for the most strenuous workouts. Slim design and full of various options. The BLK-4000 is indispensable in (sports) areas.

The dimensions 144x184x223 cm are based on the BLK-4000 shown in the first photo. Will you choose another barbell? Then take into account the total width including Olympic barbell.


Advanced pulley swivel

With the BLK-4000 you have the Cable Crossover at home. You can point the extra long pulley outwards to make use of a Cable Crossover for the Chest Flyes. You can easily adjust the pulley in more than 15 positions. Curious how the cables run? Through the extra large pulleys you will not notice any difference with the gym.


Smith Machine and Power Rack

Training safely is always number one. The Smith Machine offers the possibility to do this because the stability is removed. This allows you to focus on strength or learning the movement. In addition, the BLK-4000 also offers the possibility to use a separate, Olympic barbell to train (not included). You can use the station's short and long spotters for this.


Full Weight Stack: 2 x 90 kg weight stack

The BLK-4000 comes with 2 full 90 kg weight stacks. This means that you cannot expand the BLK-4000 any further. The ratio is 1:2 and each slice of the weight stack weighs 4.5 kg. Choosing the desired weight is very easy by means of a pin.


Rock Grips

You will find Rock Grips at the pull up bars of the BLK-4000. Allows you to strengthen your hand muscles and grip. The grips give variation in training. A simple, but nice addition!


Adjustable support

The adjustable support can be used as a 'leg lock' to prevent your body from moving upwards when, for example, you lift the top back training. The type of support is interchangeable, so you can also use the supplied pillow as a support in the back during chest flies. The bar to which you can connect the supports is adjustable in different heights and angles. There are 3 supports included.


In order to be able to train in such a varied and extensive way, you can use various attachments. The BLK-4000 comes with:


Including attachments and accessories
Leg Press Plate
Dip Bars
Pull Up station with 'Rock' grip
Adjustable back pad support for core stability
J-Hooks & spotters
Lay Lockers
Landmine attachment with Rowing Handle
3 sets of Olympic spring collars
One set of band hooks
Single handles (2x)
Double handle
lat bar (2x)
Ab Strap
Ankle Strap
Biceps bar
Triceps rope
Set Bar clamps (2x)

Storage options
Storing the barbell and discs is always an important part. The BLK-4000 features 6 Plate Pegs for the Olympics plates, and one Bar Storage for the Olympic barbell.

  • Suitable for all compound exercises
  • Extra long and wide pulley swivel
  • Equipped with Full Stack (90 kg)
  • Solid Full Chrome Olympic Smith Machine Barbell Bar
  • Delivered including attachments and accessories
  • Commercial quality; durable and solid construction



Consumer Warranty:
Frame/Welding: 10 Years
Parts: 5 Years
Labour: 1 Year
Suitable for semi-professional use
Warranty for businesses:
1 Year
403 kg
144x184x223 cm