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Newton Fitness

Newton Fitness Black Series BLK-825 Leg Press

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The Newton Fitness BLK-825 is a heavy-duty leg press that allows you to train the upper leg muscles perfectly. Thanks to the stable construction, bearing guide system and luxurious cushions, every workout feels comfortable, even during the heavier work. As a counterweight the BLK-825 uses Olympic weight plates; in total the machine can be loaded up to 500 kg. An attractively priced Leg Press which is sufficient in personal trainer studios, hotels, or of course in the training room at home!


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The heavy construction of 215 kg ensures that the leg press is stable, even during the heavier workouts. The base plate where you push against it, runs through 2 solid guides and is equipped with bearings, so the movement feels smooth, even when heavily loaded.

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Large footplate with handle

The large footplate with 2 different angles allows you to place your feet in different positions. So you can emphasize different parts of the leg muscles and vary in training. The handle on the top of the base plate ensures that you can get on and off safely.

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Olympic weight plates

The BLK-825 uses Olympic weight plates as a counterweight. In total there are 4 sleeves of approx. 35 cm on which the Olympic weight plates can place. Because the weight is distributed over 4 sleeves instead of 2 sleeves, the weight distribution is better. In total the blka-825 can be loaded up to a maximum of 500 kg.

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Comfortable backrest

The extra wide and luxurious backrest of the BLK-825 offers comfort during every workout and reduces the risk of pain in the the back during exercise. In addition, this contributes to the durability of the backrest. The carbon looks give both the backrest and seat a professional appearance.

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Adjustable angle

You can adjust the extra wide and luxurious backrest of the BLK-825, so that you can take an optimal position before training. This allows the device to be set according to body type or desired range of motion.

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Simple unlock system

To unlock the weight, you will find a handle on each side right next to the seat, with which you can easily lift the weight to unlock and you can perform your workout. Turning both handles inward unlocks the weight. Want to stop the weight, you can turn both handles back out. In total there are 2 levels on which you can leave the weight rest.

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Disc storage space

Finally, the BLK-825 also contains 2 sleeves of approx. 21 cm on which you can store some Olympic weight plates when the plates are not in use. This way you always have some disks within reach of the device.


Newton Fitness
Black Series BLK-825 Leg Press
Consumer Warranty:
Frame/Welding: 10 Years
Parts: 5 Years
Labour: 1 Year
Warranty for businesses:
1 Year
215 kg
219x164x126 cm
Maximum weight:
500 kg