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Newton Fitness

Newton Fitness Black Series FSM-500 Functional Smith Machine

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Available 01/08/2024


Product description / Specifications

Meet the Newton Fitness FSM-500 Functional Smith Machine: a heavy-duty Smith machine and functional trainer in one, which is still very compact. This station can be folded, making it space-saving. In addition, the bar of the Smith machine uses the weight of the two weight stacks, so the station also takes up little space in terms of width. An ideal station when you want to train your entire body in a small space!


Folding system

Where other folding stations can compromise on quality and stability, this is not the case with the Newton Fitness FSM-500 Functional Smith Machine. The station has a stable and sturdy construction and, thanks to the handy folding mechanism, it can be stored within no time. Once folded, the station takes up little space, the dimensions when the FSM-500 is folded are 57x128x220 cm


Smith machine

The bar of the Smith machine ensures you can train safely in the way you are used to from a Smith machine. But where you normally have to place weight plates on the bar of a Smith machine, you do not have to do this with the Newton Fitness FSM-500. You can connect both weight stacks to the bar of the Smith machine! This works easily and saves effort and in addition, the station is therefore narrower than a normal Smith machine.


Functional Trainer

The station contains two height-adjustable, tilting pulleys with which you can perform your cable exercises. There are 30 different heights in total possible. Both pulleys rotate, so you can perform the exercises easily. Think of exercises such as chest fly's, biceps curl, triceps pushdown, rear delt fly's, etc. The high quality pulleys ensure that every exercise feels smooth.


Lower pulleys with footrests

In addition to the two height-adjustable pulleys, the FSM-500 also contains two low pulleys with footrests. This allows you to perform rows while seated and using both weight stacks at the same time. Of course you can also perform other exercises with the lower pulleys, such as: bicep curls.


Weight stack 2 x 90 kg

The Newton Fitness FSM-500 comes standard with two weight stacks of 90 kg each. Both weight stacks are each divided into 20 plates. The ratio is 1:2, which means the maximum actual weight on each side is 45 kg. The selecting of the desired weight is easily via a pin.


Pull-up Bar

Using the specially shaped pull-up bar of the equipment, you can perform pull-ups, chin-ups and other exercises. You can use a wide grip, neutral grip, angled grip and narrow grip. The pull-up bars of the FSM-500 also include Rock Grips. This allows you to strengthen your hand muscles and grip and adds variety to your training.


Supplied accessories

You can use different accessories for the cable exercises. The Newton Fitness FSM-500 comes with 2 single handles, 1 lat pull bar, 1 biceps bar, 1 triceps rope, 1 straight bar with 2 loops, 1 ankle strap and 1 chain. Other accessories are separately available.


Consumer Warranty:
5 Years
Warranty for businesses:
1 Year
401 kg
125x120x220 cm