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Newton Fitness

Newton Fitness Commercial Smith Power Rack CSR-900

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Definitely the most revolutionary multi-gym currently available.

The CSR-900 is unmatched in capabilities and with an extremely sublime and professional finish it is the most reliable device within its class. The phenomenal power station replaces the Smith machine, power rack and even a functional trainer 3 important power station in one, making it one of the most versatile multi-gyms in fitness worldwide.

From now on, achieve the same results as in fitness because versatile and varied training at home has never been easier. The countless possibilities ensure you can continue to train more varied than ever, which greatly enhances the development of the muscles. This allows you to achieve the same result from now on as you are used to from the gym.

Smith Machine

The Smith Machine with the smoothest guidance ensures you, as a novice and advanced strength athlete, get the maximum benefit from your training.

As a starting strength athlete you can easily learn the movement technique while as an advanced strength athlete you can focus on certain muscles. The Smith machine helps you to perform the exercises in a controlled manner and is ideal for learning new techniques.

Power Rack

The solidity and stability of the Power Rack within the CSR-900 ensures you can train at all times in a safe and responsible way. The extremely powerful construction ensures a long technical lifspan and makes the most intensive training possible.

For anyone looking for a complete power station that can easily replace any workout, the CSR-900 is the most suitable solution.

Smith rack structure

Hard chrome plated high precision uprights make the movement smoother. The chrome-plated 50 mm sleeves are wear-resistant, rust-resistant and have a maximum load capacity of 277.5 lbs per side.

Cross-over pulley swivel

The tension output can rotate 180 degrees freely to meet different training angles and ensure your training effect. You can see the digit trough the hole for adjustable height. The zinc plated knob set is easy to be adjusted and the cable lenght can also be adjusted.


Dip handles

The dip handles are easy to place on the Smith machine at different heights by opening one of the holes in the frame to hang.



The pulleys make the movement very smooth. The 5 mm cable has withstood a tension test of 800 kg and is wear resistant and safe.


Ring clip buckle

The extended design ring clip buckle is strong match and impact resistance. Humanized 10-segment height design is suitable for different height users to do squat bench press. Anti-skid thread design of solid Olympic weightlifting rod with chrome-plated knurling handle van increase force and more safety.


Accessoires storage

Complete more movements with different accessories to satisfy the whole body muscles. "W" type curved bar, curved bar can better fit the contour between the chest, reduce the risk of wrist injury, while increasing the angle change, is conducive to sculpture muscle details.


Leather foam

High quality leather foam is anti-sweat, wear resisting and has aluminum alloy foam block.


Multi angle chin up bar

Ordinary grip, underhand grip, mixed grip, sternum pull-up, one-hand pull-up, one-arm pull-up. Comfortable HDR handle grip with aluminum alloy end cap.


Optional accessories to expand the CSR-900:


Jammer arms

The ideal addition to add many more possibilities to the already extensive home gym. With the Jammer Arms you can go train the chest muscles, arms and shoulders.


Lat seat

Converts your CSR-900 from an upright into a Lat Pull Down Station, ideal for lat pull downs. Fully adjustable, fast and easy to add or remove.


Leg press

The non-slip metal base plate has a thickness of 5 mm. With the Leg Press you can increase the strength and mass of your leg muscles by pushing yourself away from the footplate.


Newton Fitness CSR/FT monolift

This tool replaces the regular J-Hook on your Power Rack, because the Hooks of the Monolift automatically fall back after use, you don't have to step back to make room for yourself after the Lift-off. This prevents unnecessary waste of energy with a fully loaded barbell.


170x212x230 cm
250.6 kg
Consumer Warranty:
Labour: 1 Year
Frame/Welding: 5 Years
Parts: 2 Years
Suitable for semi-professional use