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Newton Fitness

Newton Fitness OB-20 Dumbbell-bars

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These two 50 mm dumbbell bars are actually a short version of the official Olympic barbell. You can use your Olympic discs with these dumbbell bars, creating a very high training weight.

The short Olympic barbell is ideal for exercises where a high training weight is desired. The first exercise we think of is the one arm row (saw) or shrugs. With this exercise great muscle groups are active and the weight of fixed dumbbells are often too low to provide the right intensity.

The short Olympic barbell is as the 'normal' Olympic bar of high quality and finish.

Barbell specifications:
  • Handle Width: 13 cm
  • Weight Plates diameter: 50 mm
  • Capacity weight plates: 17 cm (both sides)
  • Bearings: Yes
  • Grip surface: Jagged
  • Load: 80 kg
  • Spring collars included: No
Price per set of two Newton Fitness OB-20 Dumbbell bars.
10.7 kg
Grip inner size
11.5 cm
Grip diameter
25 mm