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Olympic Hex Bar Black with Stand

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  • Olympic Black Trap Bar With Stand
  • Built in stand allows for quick and easy pick up
  • Heavy duty steel bar
  • For use with Olympic 2" weights
  • Provides greater muscle contraction by eliminating contact with upper thighs and torso
  • Hex bars are ideal for working traps and shoulder muscles
  • Also ideal for shrugs, farmers walk and carry exercises as well as trap bar deadlifts
  • Please note the sleeves on this bar are 48mm diameter so will require our specialist 48mm collars (pair included)
  • Maximum weight capacity 180kg
  • Measurements:
    • Length: 137.5cm
    • Width: 69.5cm
    • Bar ends: 24.5cm
    • Centre length: 68cm
    • Grip diameter: 32mm
    • Sleeve diameter: 48mm