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Pivot Fitness

Pivot Fitness FSM-200 Functional Smith Machine

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The most complete strength training processed in one device. All desired and most wanted exercises can be performed with the Pivot Fitness FSM-200 Functional Smith Machine. The home gym has a built-in Smith Machine, Cable Cross and offers the option to work with loose weights, such as with an Olympic barbell.

The FSM-200 consists of:
  • Smith Machine
  • Squat Rack
  • Cable Cross
  • Leg Press Plate (optional)
  • Jammer Arms (optional)

Due to a counterweight, the Smith Machine's bar is weightless and therefore you train effectively with the weight you add yourself on the Olympic Smith Machine bar. This unique function is perfect for rehabilitation, warming up and cooling down. The linear bearing ensures that the bar runs smoothly over the rails and allows you to concentrate on the exercises. With the movable safety hooks allow you to set a safe height at which the Smith Machine bar will land in need. So you can always train safely, alone or with your training partner.

You can even add more exercises with the optional leg press plate. The leg press plate is very easy to place on the Smith Machine bar.

  • Bearing bar
  • Weightless Smith bar
  • Safety hook
  • Maximum load up to 400 kg
pivot fitness

Heavy Duty Half Rack

The FSM-200 comes with an Olympic (50 mm) bar holder, J-hooks and Spotters so you can also train freely with a loose Olympic bar and Olympic weights. This is in contrast to the Smith Machine, where the bar is attached to the device. The combination of the Smith Machine and the Half Rack makes the FSM-200 so unique and therefore offers the best possible workout.

In the J-hooks you can hang the Olympic bar and in addition the Spotters catch the bar in need if you have to drop the bar. You can train a maximum load of no less than 280 kg in safety and achieve results. The J-hooks and Spotters are adjustable in 16 different heights so you can perform all possible exercises such as squats, bench presses, etc.

  • Train with loose (optional) Olympic barbell
  • Including J-hooks & Spotters
  • Olympic bar holder
  • Maximum load capacity of 280 kg
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Cable Cross

Go for complete functionality and use the flexible cable cross, which can be adjusted in 16 heights. The cable system has a maximum load up to 900 kg and shows once again how good the quality of the FSM-200 is. Place the cable cross on the desired height and thereby add a huge amount of exercises to your workout.

In the middle of the FSM-200 is an extra cable system which means you can add even more variation to the already complete device. All cable systems work by adding separate Olympic weight plates.

  • Loads up to 900 kg
  • Incl. 2 single handles
  • Adjustable in 16 heights
  • Broad and central cable system
Supplied accessories:
6 x Olympic disc storage system
Set of J-Hooks
Set of Spotters
Dip handle
T-bar trainer
Smith Machine
Cable Cross
2 x Single handle
6 x Spring collars
Pull-up Bar
Safety System
Place Lock
Note: The Pivot Fitness FSM-200 is delivered without weight plates.
Pivot Fitness
FSM-200 Functional Smith Machine
Consumer Warranty:
5 Years
Warranty for businesses:
1 Year
226 kg
201x148x224 cm