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Pivot Fitness

Pivot Fitness M395 Mobile Plate Tree

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The Pivot Fitness M395 is a plate tree on which you can place a large amount of Olympic weight plates and 2 Olympic bars. In addition, this plate tree is equipped with wheels, so you can take the weight bars and weight plates with you to the gym in one go. This saves time and effort and keeps your space tidy.

When the plate tree is in the desired position, you can clamp the wheels to prevent the plate tree from rolling away unintentionally. In short, a handy plate tree when you train in different places in your gym and your Olympic barbells and Olympic weight plates must move!

  • 6 sleeves with a length of 20 cm on which you can place Olympic weight plates.
  • 2 holders for Olympic barbells.
  • Equipped with wheels including clamps, so you can easily move the plate tree.



20 kg
57x72x141 cm
Maximum weight
360 kg