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Pivot Fitness

Pivot Fitness PM246 Professional Power Sled

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The PM246 Professional Power Sled is used in functional fitness and Strongman exercises. The Sled training is very useful training form in most team sports where athletes have to overcome a lot of resistance. You can think of sports such as football, ice hockey, tennis, rugby and volleyball.

Benefits of sled training:
  • The ideal fat burning method
  • Great for increasing your strength, speed and explosiveness
  • Wide variety of exercises possible
  • Can be used everywhere, both indoors and outdoors
  • Great for rehabilitation
  • Good and safe to use for everyone from young to old
  • Sport Specific Training

The Pivot Fitness PM246 Professional PM241 Power Sled can be used in combination with all 50 mm weight plates or bumper plates.

Possible exercises:
  • Sled chest press
  • Sled row
  • Sled wood chup
  • Sled pull-trough
  • Sled drags bear crawl
  • Sled lunges

Main features

  • Heavy Duty Sled
  • Suitable for Push or Pull
  • Harness included
  • Olympic weight bars


38 kg
120x80x104 cm
Maximum weight:
360 kg