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Hyper Extension 610HE

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The Hyper Extension is the ideal device to train the upper and/or lower abdomen muscles, waist, lower back and hamstrings comfortably.

With it's 45° angle, your training is optimized and made more easy. Because the backrest of the Hyper Extension can be adjusted in height, this device can be used by everybody. It does not matter if your large or small, the correct posture is always possible!

With cardio exercises you can burn fat but it is also important to train the muscles in your waist. The lower back is also an important body part. Who has never had pain or a stiff back?

A target training of the back and glutes with the new  Hyper Extension you can prevent a painful or stiff back!

Key features
  • Adjustable thigh pads for proper positioning and support
  • 45° angle for optimal results
  • Excellent for back workouts
  • High quality dark and silver grey two color tone metallic powder coating
132x81x83 cm
Maximum weight
180 kg