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PowerMark 625C Deluxe Preacher Curl

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The Preacher Curl is one of the most popular exercises for the Biceps. The 625C Deluxe Preacher Curl therefore ensures that you can put the most emphasis on.

Durable and adjustable arm pad

When using the 625C it is important that the arm pad can be loaded a lot. You will also benefit from durable pad material. You can also adjust this part to find the correct position.


Two Bar Catchers for re-racking

The Bar Catchers provide convenience when you want to put the bar back. This also allows you to immediately change the discs when necessary. The Catchers provide sufficient stability.


Key features

  • Adjustable arm pad for correct positioning and support
  • Broad base provides the necessary stability
  • Bar catchers designed for easy re-racking
  • High quality powder coating


Preacher curl pad: 520mm x 320mm
Seat Pad: 460 x 260 mm
Total Dimensions 
97.5x72.5x90 cm
Capacity 181 kg