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Leg Press/Hack Squat 800 LPHS

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With the 800 LHPS Leg Press you will train your largest muscle groups in your legs and bottom. It offers the perfect exercise in order to develop power in your lower body.

The 800 LHPS Leg Press can be easily switched in way so that Hack Squats and Calf Raises become possible. This multifunctional machine comes with a great value for money and is great for intensive home use.

Important characteristics:
  • Designed for Leg Press, Hack Squat and Calf Raise.
  • Heavy Duty construction with extraordinary stability.
  • Smooth movement thanks to the hard nylon wheels with needle bearings.
  • Both back rests make use of the 'flip-and-lock' mechanism. This makes it incredibly easy to change the concept of the machine in order to carry out hack squats and calf raises.
  • Both foot plates are adjustable in several angles, so that everybody can hold the correct form during the workout.
  • Equipped with safety lock (in 4 positions)
  • Powder coating; die electrostatic powder coating offers a strong and maintenance free finish.
  • Maximum load: 400 kg
  • 50 mm weight plates bar + easy to store
  • Warranty for businesses
    1 Year
    113 kg
    201x93x143 cm
    Maximum weight
    400 kg
    Please Note :This item might also come under brand name Gymless