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Pro Dipping Belt 2 Layer Camo Gray

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To ensure ease of mind and safety of amateurs and professional lifters alike, the T7 Pro Dipping Belt with its tapered construction is fit with a thick layer of EVA Foam padding, resilient polyester fabric and enhanced grip to cater to your fitness needs. Added with two layers of Polypropylene, this product can take up maximum loads of up to 600lbs. A 36 inch extra-long steel chain provides the user with the opportunity to achieve huge gains by more weight plates to increase intensity of their workout. The perfect workout assistance to maintain appropriate lower back posture during exercises like weighted dips, weighted chin-ups & pull-ups, hip belt squats and calf raises.

  • Tapered build allows for hips to move freely during deep end ranges. A thick layer of EVA sheet, lined with anti-slip polyester fabric provides a firmer grip.
  • The front of the belt is covered with one layer of wide weave polypropylene over which sits the overlay belt made of fine weave polypropylene. This dual-layer ensures maximum durability and weight-bearing capacity.
  • The belt is 32 inches long, with a 6 inches wide lumber area and tapered 4 inches wide side panels.  
  • Heavy-duty, powder-coated metal D-rings and carabiner, with extra-long 36 inches heavy-gauge steel chain lets you carry extra plates during workout.